Break the routine

Break the routine

  • Thu 3 Sep 2020 - 6:22 PM
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How to break the routine?

Once you get bored, please note you are in a routine life, the question here is what is the routine? How to deal with it? And how to break it?

The routine is something you get used to, and it must be something you do for over a month, like studying on a daily basis at 9 AM, and drinking Nescafe at the same mug, sitting same way and studying same subjects this is a routine, driving to your work place everyday taking the same road, and filling gas from the same gas station is a routine, meeting your partner every weekend to do same stuff, eating at same places, ordering same food&drinks, talking about same topics is a routine which might lead this relationship to a break up, everything you turn to a routine you will end up loosing it, this is a role.

The best way to deal with the routine is by gaining new habits, doing new things and having new experiences every single week, this is a must do thing, while people see it inessential, it is a must that you gain new experiences every single week.

To break the routine, keep adding new things, to what you actually do, taking studying as an example, don't study everyday, like come on take a break! Take two days off per week, do all the things that lift you up, don't study at same place same way same subjects, keep adding keep changing, the key to break something is not to stop it but how to change it step by step smartly, take your time to know what lifts you up because this would be a turning point, and always try new things.


How to gain new habits


•How to gain new habits?

To gain a new habit, you have got to know how you made the habits you have now?

Your mind works this way, anything you do for more than 14 days in a row turns to a habit, like literally anything.

Is it that simple? That I do something for over 14 days and new habits is added? Actually no, as much as your mind is smart to gain you new habits it is also very aware of the habits you already have and does its best to prevent you from any kind of change, nevertheless your mind makes you get bored from the habits you already have! Crazy thing right?

As much as it sounds crazy, when you accept it you go beyond, this is miracle, when you reject it, you stuck with it, so acceptance of the way your mind works is the key to be able to achieve and do anything you want.

You will need to trick your mind in order to gain new habits, as the way your mind is fighting and preventing you from getting comfort with anything new, your mind does that out of protecting you to not get sad or being hurted, could you believe that? This is why your mind find it impossible to deal with the breaking up, as it got used to the partner you have and made him you comfort zone.

Start to provide evidence why you this new habit, person or place makes sense and that you want to do it as this what is going to make you happy person, once your mind observes that, it turns by time and only time to a habit.


How to not turn the new habit into routine


•How to not turn the new habit into routine?

Keep adding, keep moving and keep changing.

Change is a key to successful people, to break the routine and to not stand where you are for too long, keep believing in the advantages to not stop developing and to always learn and create, the passion for changing breaks the roots of the routine.

Know that, adding a small tiny detail to each field of your life, every habit, preventing it from becoming a boring routine, but excited activity.

Sense your mood, once you get bored, please stop, and take two days off every week, don't rush the success by putting huge responsibilities on yourself, be kind and take your time to learn, develop, grow as well as your time to enjoy life and feel the beauty of this planet we are in.




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