Learn many reasons to support it

Learn many reasons to support it

  • Mon 3 Aug 2020 - 10:21 PM
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Know the correct way how to confuse a president

We live in confusing times, when people, seem, either, unable, or unwilling, to know , while others, hold such significantly, different views, and perspectives, in terms of, the best, course of action, for this nation, and society! In recent memory, few remember, such a lot disparity, and degree of polarization, between the supporters, and opponents, of this, particular, President! It seems clear, many of his opponents, often, make the error of, under - estimating, his political strengths, and level of supporter. This misguided, attitude, often, leads to, taking the result, without any consideration , which reinforces , President Trump's political strength, power, and level of support.

Although, many, feel, he has, harmed this nation, and therefore the world, several times, in terms of, Constitutional guarantees, environmental protections, listening to the risks of Climate Control, poorly planned, economic policies, and harmful rhetoric, etc, his core supporters, seem, to continue supporting him, and, appear to possess , what they consider, their REASONS. thereupon in mind, this text will plan to , briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this suggests , and represents, and why, it's relevant, and important, to know , and appreciate, especially, if you disagree.


Know the correct way how to confuse a president


1. Racism; rationale; relevant; responsibility: many of us , to a spread of degrees, have some biases, prejudices, and, some racism! They justify, supporting Trump, by proceeding with a rationale, which supports their personal preferences, etc! What could also be relevant, to them, might not be, to others! Many of them, seem to enjoy, having the ability responsible and complain, about others, rather than taking any personal responsibility!

2. Empathy; emphasis; efforts: Many of his supporters, seem to share, Trump's lack of genuine empathy, and accept as true with his perceived emphasis, priorities, and efforts!

3. Attitude; articulate; attention: While, many believe, the state , and world would benefit, with leadership, with a positive, can - do, attitude, many of his supporters, seem to share, his apparent attitude! They just like the message, Trump articulates, albeit , opponents, find his statements, divisive, and polarizing! rather than paying, keen attention, to the requirements , and priorities, of most of its citizens, since, they, may agree, with this President's perspective, they support his approach and focus, etc.

4. Sympathies; serve/ service: there's a good - divide, during this nation, in terms of, where their sympathies, are! Trump excels at creating the perception, to his supporters, that he serves them, and that they seem, to understand that perceived, service!

5. Options; opposition: Although, relevant, sustainable leadership, requires being ready, willing, and ready to fully consider, all viable options, and alternatives, with an open - mind, Trump's supporters, seem motivated, by their common opposition, to anything, they perceive, as, threatening!

6. Needs: While our President should serve and represent all citizens, not just his supporters, his addressing their needs, over the greater good, seem to still inspire and motive, their support!

7. Solutions; stress; strengths: rather than seeking viable, sustainable, well - considered, solutions, this President, seems to believe, he benefits, when many are stressed, and feel under - threat! His opponents seem, to not realize/ recognize, perhaps, Trump's greatest strength, is his ability, to read - into, and feed - the - fears, of disgruntled Americans!


Racism; rationale; relevant; responsibility: many of us , to a spread of degrees, have some biases, prejudices, and, some racism!


Wouldn't truth needs of the state , benefit, if we elected, someone, who focused on true priorities, and quality planning, instead of, on the fears, and prejudice, of a few, passionate supporters? Understand a number of these REASONS, do not be over - confident, and/ or, take him (and the election), for - granted, and vote!




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